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Founded at the dawn of the 21st century Travel 21 is a receptive agency for all world travelers. We're in Marrakech (the city that thrills the city that delights the enchanting city ...) The Mosque El Fna, an old place over 800 years old and listed by UNESCO in 2001 as a world oral heritage, it tells the story of the thousands of tourists who come to discover the city just for a few days ... so bewitched by charming, he decided to live there forever.
We are part of those caught under the same charm, but the charm has turned into passion, and we just put at the service of visitors .
From the simple discovery aimlessly at the scheduled business trip, lazy walks into the depths millennia streets of the medina, or departure to great adventures in search of treasures buried in the southern deserts. Marrakech has taught us anything, well learned the first lesson was the hospitality and generosity. Thus, we are confident that we can make you much benefit, but if you also fall under the influence of the charm of the city, and you will definitely fall in love.
One board, let you do ... and follow the guide ....


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That's for years now we exercise this profession, experience has taught us to be receptive of all desires, all desires reagents, creative for all the passion that drives us never stops grow up ..                                 

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Make you live unforgettable moments.

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The goldsmiths of happiness...

Our originality and creativity

Analyze your needs and define your goals, Imagine a concept that best meets your needs by adapting to your needs, design the event of your dreams, Select and coordinate the most appropriate providers for your project, follow your event show results

Our exclusive, our tips

Morocco specialists at your service, Des guaranteed competitive prices, consultancy and tips, The Evidence of Compliance.


You are a company, a professional association ... for your seminars, your annual social budget ... we offer:
An experience together for a shared moment of life.
Solutions for dynamic teams, developing their cohesion ...

THE TRAVEL 21 office intervenes Board in monitoring and achieving your projects congresses, conferences and symposia: • Registration management and participants • Housing Management • Content Management • Financial Management • Partner Management • Marketing & Communication • Solution Team - Staff recruitment website We provide you with a single contact to coordinate the various stages of your event project: available, attentive and responsive to your needs!

Awards, Gala Evening, fashion show or show. 21 TRAVEL organizes for you unique evenings: • Site Management and staging, • Coordination with the caterer and furniture rental companies, • Hospitality Management and Transfer • entertainment management and production

"Our services are optimized to enhance the emotional impact on participants in the respect of your communication strategy. We offer a global or partial support: • Research and management of original and adapted venues for your events • Reservations within the hotel structure of your choice • Logistics management at your transportation needs and Transfers • The reservation of a restaurant or catering management • The technical production of your event: decoration, highlighting, sound and technical equipment • Personnel management: hostesses, guides, translators, security staff ... • Research and coordination of activities and unifying and striking animations. We work reactively with rigor and creativity."

"Work the waterfront or at altitude, in a natural environment, historical or artistic ... We offer hotel structures adapted to the number of participants and schedule meetings. 320 days of sunshine a year, from Tangier to Lagouira and an incredible diversity of places and atmospheres! "

"Federate employees around your values, motivate your sales force through discoveries and challenges combining sports ...
We offer customized Team-building. "

"Emotions, feelings, relaxation and cohesion!
We imagine and offer a range of tailor-made activities combining culture, history and local specialties ...
To convey a message, share unique moments ... our proposals are in line with your communication objectives. "


A few hours flight from Europe, there is a magic country: The Kingdom of Morocco.

Magic of contrasts between East and West, between Africa and Europe, between ocean and mountain, between Desert and Forests ....
Climate magic, dryness of the Sahara to the sweetness of the ocean, cold snowy peaks in the pleasant atmosphere of the Medinas ....
Magic of men and women, with many faces, multiple traditions ....
Magic of cultures: Arabic, Berber, African, Jewish, Portuguese, French, Andalusian and many others who have left indelible marks and
still alive. Morocco does not visit, he discovered slowly, with respect to better seduce his host as hospitality and traditions are still kept all their senses.
The Moroccan hospitality and tourism infrastructure are also some of the things that allow you to spend a dream holiday. The luxuries of hotels have conference room, work equipment but also fitness center, swimming pool ....


"Here, tourism is never lost. Spanish is spoken in the north of the country, English is widely taught and French adopted by the Moroccans in their daily lives."


Avoid water wadis and sellers ambulants.Prévoyez medication if you are prone to disorders intestinaux.Renseignez you before swimming in a wadi or a lac.Prenez precautions against insect bites and blows soleil.En if necessary, tourist offices and major hotels can put you in contact with doctors speaking French, English or other languages.

the Climate

"The dominant climate in Morocco is Mediterranean, temperate in the west and north by the ocean Atlantique.A inside, the climate is continental with significant differences in temperature. The Atlas area is wet, snow is common. The south has a climate désertique.Si you get too hot or too cold, browse a few kilometers. You can spend in a day of snow from the Atlas to the Sahara Desert."


If your stay was organized by a travel agency, an identity card may suffice depending on the country for groups of more than three personnes.Certaines nationalities require a visa. Check with the Consulate of Morocco. The stay "tourism" is limited to three mois.Si your pet with you, please have a health certificate dated within 10 days, as well as a rabies certificate less than 6 months."


"volts in the new buildings, 110 in the former. The sockets are French type."


"No vaccination certificate is required for travelers coming from Europe or America. The vaccination certificate may be required for travelers from areas affected by certain diseases. Anti-malarial treatment is not necessary."

the Change

"1 euro = approximately 11 dirhams. "



list of tourists who do not need VISA.

  • EU Member Countries
  • Australia
  • Bulgaria
  • Congo
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Liechtenstein
  • New Zealand
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Singapore(max. 30 days stay)
  • Tunisia



list of tourists who do not need VISA

  • Algeria
  • Bahrain
  • Hong kong
  • (max. 30 days stay)
  • Ivory Coast
  • Indonesia
  • Kuwait
  • Mali
  • Niger
  • Peru
  • Saudi Arabia
  • South Korea
  • Turkey
  • Venezuela



list of tourists who do not need VISA.

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Guinea
  • Iceland
  • Libya
  • Mexico
  • Norway
  • Philippines
  • Senegal
  • Switzerland
  • United States of America
  • United Arab Emirates

Morocco in the Map...

Want to travel, certainly ... but you require:
The pace you clean and that measures are yours.
21 trips understood ... Your journey will be hand stitched.



LTHE MOROCCO ...... A QUIET HAPPINESS 21 TRAVEL specialist in Wonderland, you offers both holiday or package all inclusive luxury apartment, a luxury hotel or camp in the desert. TRAVEL 21 has selected the best hotels to enjoy your stay, does not hesitate to contact us to discover our heart stroke.


Regular attendance is a ritual of the hammam wellness unavoidable in Morocco: Elaborately natural products selected for this purpose guarantee a unique dimension to the care provided. Let yourself be pampered by the care of our experts in relaxation. Riads, gardens, hammams, everything in Morocco embodies well-being elevated to an art form. Today, all major hotels have their spa or fitness center. Luxury and comfort combine perfectly with the tradition and art of Moroccan food.


The bivouac for a night or a few days, live the nomadic dream, the magic of the ephemeral .... Rejuvenate yourself in the charm and quiet of our character bivouacs (from simple to luxurious and authentic) .... Our équipesmontent a tent fully equipped and suitable for your event or your stay. Depending on the location and requirements, it is decorated with Berber rugs, cushions, lanterns ... a taste of design, the colors of Morocco ... an invitation to the scenery and dream ...


Golf is a lifestyle and travel. This is even more true in Morocco where he subtly combines elegance, warmth and relaxation. Twenty-two clubs and as many magical sites are now available across the country. During your stay in Marrakech, Agadir, Essaouira, Fes ... We offer you the possibility to book fairy greens, simple beginner to enthusiast the choice and variety of courses that will surprise. At the edge of the sea, in the palm grove, at the foot of the mountains ... the enchantment will be at the rendezvous.

The Golf


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