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Fés - Quaraouiyine University

The University offers many Quaraouiyine guidance primarily literary, to enable students to develop their skills until a license, a DES or a doctorate.

  • Adress :
    Dahr Mehraz BP 2509 , Fes Maroc

Médersa Attarine

Fés - Médersa Attarine

Madrasa Attarine is a former Koranic school in Fez built between 1323 and 1325 by the Merinid Sultan Abu Said Uthman. Located near the University Quaraouiyine it takes its name from Souk perfumes and spices Attached: Souk El Attarine. This Koranic school built has a decor of extreme delicacy. In addition to its authentic structures, it is characterized by its lavish ornamentation. Cedar sided intricately carved and subtly decorated zelliges, make the madrasa Attarine a jewel of Arab-Muslim architecture.

  • Adress :
    Rue Talaa Kebira, Fes, Maroc

  • schedule :
    Open daily for business 8:00 to 5:00 p.m..

  • Price : the entrance is 10 MAD (€ 0.89).

Royal Palace Dar El Makhzen

Fés - Royal Palace Dar El Makhzen

Enclosure reserved for the king and his court, the Royal Palace Dar El Makhzen is a beacon of sophistication and expertise of fassis artisans. The only visible part is the huge door carved in copper, imagination takes over in front of such excess.

Zaouïa Moulay Idriss

Fés - Zaouïa Moulay Idriss

Zaouia Moulay Idriss is one of the oldest monuments of Fes, which contains the tomb of the founder patron saint of the city of Moulay Idriss II.

  • Adress :
    Fez El Jdid , 30000 - Fès